Sunday, February 10, 2019

Putin’s Man in Minsk Denounces Belarusianization as Almost ‘De-Russification,’ Rex News Agency Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, February 10 – A pro-Kremlin Russian nationalist portal is celebrating the fact that yesterday, Mikhail Babich, Moscow’s ambassador in Minsk, said that Belarusianization is a threat to the rights of ethnic Russians and Russian speakers and that there is only “a thin line” between that and “de-Russification” (

            This is the first time a Russian official of that rank has taken that position, one that has been urged by the Regnum news agency and many other, the Rex portal says. And that is a most welcome development, the portal continues, although it is one that will certainly outrage Belarusian nationalists. 

            This new and tougher line, the portal says, is reflected in Babich’s statement that the tax dispute between Minsk and Moscow cannot be resolved in any way that undercuts the responsibilities of the two as members of the Eurasian Economic Community. That means Moscow’s position is unchanged and that Minsk must back down.

            Belarusian outlets have taken note of this new toughness from Moscow’s man in Minsk, but they are not nearly so pleased about it (

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