Saturday, January 6, 2018

Iranian Protesters Shout ‘Death to Russia’ Because Moscow is Main Backer of Ayatollah Regime, Zubov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 6 – Perhaps the most unexpected slogans of the masses of Iranians who have gone into the streets to protest the repressive regime of the ayatollahs, Andrey Zubov says, is “Death to Russia!” But while unjust if taken literally, these words in fact reflect the widespread understanding among Iranians that Moscow is the main backer of Tehran’s tyranny.

            The Iranians are not Russophobes, the Russian historian who teaches in Georgia says. They simply want to call attention to the fact that “Russia is the main ally of the clerical regime of the ayatollahs they hate” (

            “Russia is waging war in Syria together with Iran. Russia is supplying nuclear and rocket technologies to Iran. Russia supports the anti-Western position of Iran,” Zubov continues; and given “the unending flow of caskets” coming back from Syria, “it is difficult for the demonstrators to see that the Kremlin regime that is doing this is one thing and Russia another.”

            There are many in Russia “who would like the restoration of democracy, an end to foreign aggression and rapprochement with the countries of the West,” the historian syas. And if the Iranian protesters come out with slogans like ‘Not Gaza, Not Syria, Not Lebanon – Our country is Iran!” then ours should be ‘Hands Off Ukraine!’ and ‘Stop Helping Asad’s regime!’”

            Zubov says he is confident that Iranians will soon make the distinction between the Kremlin and Russia, but whether they will be able to liberate themselves from the power of the ayatollahs which they imposed on themselves in 1978-1979 just as Russians did the Bolsheviks in 1917-1922 is still unclear.

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