Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why Russians are Dying Says a Lot about Russia and its Regime

Paul Goble


            Staunton, June 17 – Even before the increase in mortality rates among Russians in the first quarter of this year, Russians were dying in ways that highlight serious problems with that country’s medical services and the behavior of its population, according to data published by the Russian State Statistical Committee.


            In reporting on this, the portal says that the Rosstat data do provide some good news: Although 1.9 million Russians died in 2014, not one of those did so from cholera, typhus, or plague. But Russians died from circulatory illnesses (the most common explanation) and old age (


            The portal provides a selection of data on some of the causes of deaths among Russians that it suggested were “indicative” of the situation there:


14816 from tuberculosis

12879 from AIDS

64548 from heart attacks

20232 from diabetes

104 from flu

12504 from cirrhosis of the liver

39431 from pneumonia

212 from complications from pregnancies or while giving birth

8958 from falls

2010 while crossing railroad tracks

7468 from drowning

442 from SIDS

13097 murdered

27066 from suicides


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