Saturday, February 17, 2018

Russians Now Say State Should Do More to Help Population Rather than Pursue Glory

Paul Goble

            Staunton, February 16 –Russians now say the priorities of the Russian state should be improving the well-being of the population, developing the economy and fighting corruption, according to a new Romir poll. Compared to a similar poll three years ago, fewer of them said that pursuing the glory of the state should be a priority.

            Forty-one percent in the latest poll said the chief goal of the state should be improving the well-being of the population compared to 29 percent in 2015; 40 percent the development of the economy (unchanged), and 31 percent the struggle with corruption compared to 17 percent (

            But only 15 percent said that the state should be seeking to build the prestige of the Russia internationally, down from 21 percent in the summer of 2015 – a statistically significant decline and a striking one given the Putin regime’s stress on this point and its efforts to distract Russians from the economic crisis in which they find themselves.

            To use the Russian expression, “the refrigerator” may not have won the war against “the television,” but it is certainly winning at least some of the battles. And that is clear from another pair of figures as well: Only 12 percent said that strengthening the power of the state should be a priority, down from 18 percent three years ago.

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