Sunday, November 29, 2020

Moscow Plans to Vaccinate 400,000 Military Personnel, 80,000 by End of 2020

Paul Goble

            Staunton, November 27 – Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu says that his ministry will vaccinate 400,000 military personnel in the coming months, with 80,000 getting the shots by the end of December ( and

            Today, Russia registered a record 27,543 new cases of infection, but new deaths declined slightly to 496 ( Moscow city deaths trebled over the last month (, and Petersburg officials said people there are dying more often than in other regions (

            The epidemic continued to surge in most places (, with officials imposing new restrictions ( Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin did say that 50 percent of residents of the capital were now immune, an indication of just how many have had the disease (

            School closings and distance learning remain controversial but officials say that they want to extend existing restrictions on Russian school through next year until 2022 (

            On the vaccine front, Vektor Labs warned that even those who have been vaccinated can contract the coronavirus infection (; it added that its vaccine would be free to Russians (

            Meanwhile India has agreed to produce 100 million doses of the Russian vaccine (, and Moscow says that people in CIS countries will be the first foreigners to get the Russian vaccine after Russians themselves (

            But Health Minister Mikhail Murashko undercut the government’s earlier messages by saying that any demand that people everywhere in Russia where a mask is “senseless,” thereby calling attention to resistance to such programs among Russians (

            On the economic front, the interior ministry extended the time foreigners and those without citizenship can remain in Russia until the summer of next year. Many had been in a legal limbo because as a result of the pandemic, they had not been able to travel anywhere (

            And Russian banks reported that ordinary Russians have been withdrawing hard currency at record rates ($15-mlrd-1029845538).

            Meanwhile in other pandemic-related developments in Russia today,

·         The Kremlin has been pressed to explain how and why Putin can appear in public without masks or observing social distance ( and

·         The Russian government has established a single telephone number – 122 – to handle questions about the coronavirus and the vaccine (

·         New polls show that Russian confidence in the future has plunged to a ten-year low despite vaccine breakthroughs ( and

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