Sunday, January 10, 2021

Russia Must Turn from Putin’s Policies if It is to Develop or Even Survive, Milin Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 8 – Vladimir Putin’s policies have led Russia to a dead end and his push for isolationist important substitution will only worsen the situation, publicist Dmitry Milin says in outlining ten reasons why the Kremlin leader has failed economically and why Russia must change course if it is to develop (

            His points are as follows:

1.      Russia lacks the resources to launch a new program of industrialization and must instead decide to pursue “a post-industrial transition” to escape the disaster Putin and his fellow conservatives have landed it in.

2.      Import substitution will not lead to development and modernization. That is “a myth based on a lie and is leading to technological degradation.”

3.      “Modernization without the participation of specialists from the countries of the West is impossible and will never be possible in Russia.”

4.      Russia can only develop in cooperation with the rest of the world and in line with “an international division of labor. Isolationism is the path to degradation and possibly in the future the loss of sovereignty.”

5.      Russia cannot be “an ally of China.” Beijing can only have vassals like North Korea,” something Russians will never accept.

6.      “Russia is less prepared for a major war than the USSR was on June 22, 1941” not only in terms of its domestic situation but also with regard to the allies and enemies it would have.

7.      “Russia’s small wars are being conducted just as ‘successfully’ as the USSR fought in Afghanistan. The war in Syria has already lasted longer than World War II and with no end in sight.”

8.      Russia can’t mobilize because it lacks those who want to be mobilized and lacks “competent administrators” who might do the job.

9.      “The only path of development for Russia is through competition among private companies.”

10.  “Without attracting foreign investment and guaranteeing the defense of private property, there won’t be any development. Russian bureaucrats are successful only at drawing up plans and ‘road maps.’” They aren’t able to do more.


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