Friday, March 26, 2021

The Desire to Steal without Interference Explains Putin Regime’s Behavior, Khots Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, March 24 – Analysts east and west twist themselves into knots trying to explain Russian behavior, why the Putin regime wants to isolate itself from the West having destroying a separation of powers within and why it works so hard to keep the population from having a voice and replacing one set of leaders with another.

            But the answer is strikingly simple, journalist Aleksandr Khots says, and it is this: the Putin regime does everything it does in order to prevent others – the West, other parts of the state, and ordinary Russians – from limiting its ability to steal (

            The Kremlin seeks to isolate the country from the rest of the world, he says, because “the civilized West interferes with Russian’s stealing without end,” Khots says, insisting that “this is the only cause for the isolation into which the powers that be are driving Russia” at the present time.

            The powers can steal without interference only if they can live in complete isolation.

            The same reason explains why there is no democracy in Russia and why the Constitution has been destroyed. Any “division of powers is a form of control over theft,” and that is what the rulers do not want.

            “Thieving is the great national idea of Russia,” and the current rulers are doing everything they can to extend their opportunities to take from others for as long as possible. And they are in part able to do so, Khots suggests because this “national idea” has its roots in the attitudes of ordinary Russians.

            Russians expect others to steal and steal themselves in anticipation. And that provides the foundation for those who steal not candy or a bicycle in the yard but billions in property from the state or from each other. It is unpleasant to admit, he continues, “but Russia is a country of thieves where this has become part of the popular tradition.”

            “All of its politics, all of its cruelty, lying, and injustice” are explicable by this fact. Some Russians are even willing to kill off Russia as they did the USSR “exclusively in pursuit of their thieving interests.” Looking for some grander and better explanation is a fool’s errand, the Moscow journalist says.

            Of course, each new generation has to be socialized into this culture; and that may give Russia a chance now, Khots suggests. Now, the top of the system is stealing so much that many of the rising generation of young instead of being attracted to that are appalled – and may as a result turn away. But that appears to be the only hope for real change. 

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