Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Ten Russian Jokes about Americans Say More about Russia than about the US

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 9 – The jokes people tell about others almost invariably tell more about those who come up with and tell them than they do about those they are telling the jokes about. So it is with jokes Russians are telling about Americans. Here is a selection of a selection of these (maximonline.ru/humor/luchshie-anekdoty-pro-ssha-i-amerikancev-id650528/).


·         The White House intends to introduce gender-neutral forms of address. Such as for example ‘comrade.’

·         English in the US is a rudimentary survival of the terrible colonial past.

·         American school children can’t wait for the holidays so they won’t be killed in their classrooms until at least the fall.

·         It is hard to take the complaints of American teenagers seriously because after they stop complaining about their lives, they get in their cars to go to school.

·         Netflix plans to warn viewers about the presence of white heterosexual males in its new films and television series.

·         Americans think that if they speak slowly, everyone will understand English.

·         How is the US Different from Canada? The Americans have nicer neighbors.

·         The US constantly interferes in Russia’s internal affairs on every continent.

·         Russia has plans for a symmetrical response to new American rockets but not for new American iPhones.

·         The American election system of voting, electors, and all the rest makes no sense. The Russian one is simpler and more logical: the president appoints the head of the Central Election Commission and the latter chooses the president as president.


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