Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Free Russia Forum Passes Over Appeal from Idel-Ural Exile Government in Silence

Paul Goble

            Staunton, June 11 – Last week, the Tatar government in exile issued an appeal to the Free Russia Forum meeting in Lithuania for recognition and support of their aspirations ( The meeting passed over their appeal in silence.

            That has prompted the Tatar government in exile to issue the following statement expressing its surprise and regret at this non-action by those who advertise themselves as liberals committed to rights and freedoms of individuals and groups (

“Many peoples in an heroic struggle have won freedom for themselves and not allowed their country to be transformed in the periphery of the Kremlin dictatorship. The peoples enslaved by Russia continue the struggle for their freedom from the Kremlin yoke. The peoples of Idel-Ural, the Caucasus, Siberia and other regions of Eurasia demand from Russia the end of this occupation.

“The representatives of the Tatar political emigration turned to the participants of the seventh Forum with a call to recognize the independence of the republics of the Urals. But there was only silence … That reaction cannot elicit anything except surprise.

“This fact shows the indifference of the representatives of the Russian opposition to the defense of the rights of the peoples of Idel-Ual and other colonized nations enslaved by the Kremlin regime, and it is regrettable that they missed their historic chance. Such a position is both immoral and politically without prospects: It is impossible to achieve freedom for one’s own people by denying the right of other peoples to freedom of their own.”

This declaration was signed by Rafis Kashapov and Nafis Kashapov, two deputy prime ministers of the Tatarstan government in exile, and Rosa Kurban, a scholar who lives in Ankara and works closely with that organization.

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