Saturday, February 1, 2020

Krasnoyarsk Pornography Film Studio Supported by Putin Presidential Grant

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 26 – The Putin regime is so ready to distribute taxpayer money into the hands of its supporters that it often doesn’t monitor very closely how they use the funds they receive.  A particularly egregious example of that, one likely to backfire on the Kremlin, concerns a pornography film study in Krasnoyarsk now functioning on a Presidential grant.

            The Russian Monitor portal reports that “the Krasnoyarsk police several days ago discovered a bordello in which pornographic films were being made with underage actresses.” No one, journalist Kira Yarmysh, was all that surprised that the man behind this was a Putin supporter who had received a presidential grant for working with youth.

            The journalist says that the individual involved, Anton Mishin, was among the most prominent Putinists in the city and until this case cropped up was “friended” by all the top politicians of Krasnoyarsk ( repeated at

            Among Mishin’s projects was a cyber-patrol portal that went after extremist or politically objectionable content. For such efforts, he received a presidential grant; but money is fungible and at least part of the money he received from the Kremlin likely went toward the organization of the bordello and its porn film operations.

            Now because of the actions of the local police, the journalist says, Mishin faces a variety of criminal charges, creating a situation in which his former friends are likely to try to distance themselves from him as quickly as possible and raising the question as to whether he will return any of the money he got from the Putin regime.

            But the bigger issue, as residents of some other countries know where members of the elite have had to deal with the pornographic activities of some of their members, is how the Russian populace will respond. Experience suggests they won’t just laugh this off but rather see it as evidence of corruption of a kind they can immediately understand and denounce.

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