Saturday, September 12, 2015

Soon ‘Russia Will Be All that is Left of the West,’ Chudinova Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, September 12 – Elena  Chudinova, whose 2005 dystopian novel “The Mosque of Notre Dame de Paris” described a Muslim takeover of Europe by 2048, says that if the current flood of immigrants from the Middle East into the EU continues, “Russia will remain the only thing left of the West” and that Russia itself will ultimately be threatened as well.
            In an interview given to “Komsomolskaya Pravda,” the Russian novelist says that the migrants constitute “an enemy army” entering the cities of Europe “without a battle” but rather with the assistance of Europeans whose tolerance has cost them the ability to defend their culture and civilization (
            The migrants, most of whom she says are young men, “want to seize these lands [for their vision of Islam] and convert the churches into mosques” -- although she suggests “these demands “undoubtedly” will surface only later when it is too late. That “will be a hell, a hell for all, and chaos” as well.
            Russia has escaped this plague so far, Chudinova continues, because it doesn’t support migrants as generously as some European countries do and because  Russia’s “system of social security is weaker and medical care worse,” something she says that with regard to this threat, Russians have reason to be glad.
            “But sooner or later,” she argues, these Muslim immigrants “will come to Russia as well if we do not defend Europe. Our Land will become infinitely small and, strictly speaking, there will not be anywhere to run,” a vision that reflects and will reinforce xenophobic and anti-Muslim attitudes in Russia today.
            Chudinova begins her interview by pointing out that those suffering the most in the Middle East today – the Christians – aren’t the ones fleeing. Instead, it is the Muslims and especially those fired by Islamist ideas.  Thus, she continues, it is no surprise that there are many ISIS militants “in the ranks of ‘the refugees.’”
            Moreover, she says, those coming to Europe now are “above all young men … not badly dressed and carrying all the necessary electronic gear. Yes, there are a certain number of women and children, but we know what this is about: in the case of difficulties … the women and children can serve as a shield.”
            According to the Russian writer, the young Muslim men coming to Europe now are not coming to work. No one should have “any illusions about that.” If they wanted to work, “they would be settling in Eastern Europe” where they would be safe and be able to find jobs. Instead, they are going to countries that provide the highest welfare payments.
            She says that she finds it difficult to “imagine how European tax payers will support this social burden,” but she suggests that “we have already for a long time known what tolerance is in the medical sense: tolerance is a weakening of immunity.” What is happening in Europe now is “a colossal weakening of societal immunity” that will destroy Europe unless someone is ready to take tough action.
            Europeans are not yet afraid, Chudinova says. “Tolerance has gone extraordinarily far.” The only exceptions are the Catholics because in her words “Protestants have long ago converted Christianity into a club of interests.”  Europe is thus losing its “instinct for self-preservation, its ethnic orientations, and its self-identification.”
            Asked whether some Europeans may decide to flee Europe, the Russian writer says that among her friends, “there are no such thoughts.” Instead, they will “stand to the end. But strictly speaking, there is nowhere for them to go.” When asked if they might come to Russia, she says: “many are considering” that but “only theoretically” because Russia has “its own problems.”

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