Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Russia’s Great Misfortune: Its Rulers are Alien Occupiers rather than Representatives of the People, Kizim Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, April 17 – No people is incapable of development, “but there are sick peoples who bodies are being eaten alive by parasites, microbes and worms,” Oleg Kizim says; and tragically, Russia is one of them and this mortal threat emanates from rulers who act more as occupiers than as representatives of the people.

            Russians have often demonstrated their capacity for hard work, courage and noble action, he says in a commentary for the Publizist portal. “But today Russians are viewed by all of humanity as angry, inadequate, aggressive, false, cowardly, and work-averse people” with whom no one wants to live (publizist.ru/blogs/107559/24558/-?utm_source=politobzor.net).

            Why is that? Kizim asks. “Because all of these enumerated negative qualities are characteristic of those who sit on the necks of the ethnic Russian people and the other peoples of Russia as well.” They are not the characteristics of the Russians themselves.

            “We are an occupied people, a captive native, an oppressed country. The people who run our state do not have any relationship to us at all. This is a separate caste which hates and despise us, which fears us much more than it fears any foreign enemies. Consequently, its members keep their money abroad … and keep their families and property there as well.

            These “occupiers” view Russia exclusively as “a cash cow.” 

            “If you look at the families of our power and financial elites,” Kizim continues, “then you will see that these are representatives of a separate caste, that they from generation to generation (including during Soviet times) have not had any relation to ordinary Russian peoples. They were always a caste of the elect” who destroyed the USSR when they decided they didn’t need it.

            This caste and not the Russian people have all the negative qualities many ascribe to Russians as a whole and hate them for, not understanding that between Russians and those who rule them lies an enormous gap,” the commentator says.

            “I repeat,” Kizim concludes, “today Russia is a seriously ill country, and that is why it is such a horrific condition. Not because this is the norm of life for ethnic Russians and other nations who populate Russia but because these pathogenic microbes have transformed Russia into an unhappy being.”

            If Russians do not cure themselves of this infestation and occupation by expelling it and doing so quickly, the commentator says, the outcome will be “lethal.”

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