Friday, April 13, 2018

Trump Helping Putin by Making Kremlin Leader Look Restrained and Rational, Kotsyubinsky Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, April 13 – At least since Donald Trump’s election as US president in November 2016, Russian assessments of him have ranged from the most positive to the most negative; but in a Facebook post today, Russian historian Daniil Kotsyubinsky says that, despite everything, Trump perhaps is ”our man” after all.

            “In the international competition of nuclear idiotism as before US President Donald Trump has a convincing lead,” he suggests. Given his behavior, Russian President Vladimir  Putin without even trying looks “less compulsive, less unpredictable and less inconsistent;” and the Kremlin leader benefits from this comparison (

            As a result, “cowboy Trump” is doing what he can to help Putin even if he is not aware of that fact.  But it may be, Kotsyubinsky says, that what Trump is doing is simply “gratitude for the secret support which the leader Vladimir gave cowboy Donald in the recent elections.”  If that is the case, the Russian historian suggests, Trump is truly “ours.”

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