Saturday, January 26, 2019

Russians Learn Three New Words about Inflation Moscow Won’t Admit To

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 24 – Russians are learning three words long familiar to Western consumers facing rising prices, especially when as in Russia today, prices in grocery stores are going up far more rapidly than the government admits the overall rate of inflation to be, the SerpomPo Telegram Channel says.

            The three are:

Daunsayzing (“downsizing” in English) which refers to the practice of reducing the number of items in a package or the size of the package but nonetheless charging the same for it. Russians have had that experience with eggs (

Daunkvoliting (“downqualiting” in English) or the practice of substituting cheaper ingredients for ones customers have traditionally expected such as using palm oil in place of olive oil.
And Apsorting (“upsorting” in English), in which prices are raised when the producer substitutes more expensive components for less expensive ones but the cost goes up more than the difference.

            The first already has its own page of the Russian-language of Wikipedia; the second and third haven’t yet had that confirmation. 

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