Wednesday, January 30, 2019

With Kremlin Backing, a New Journal ‘Questions of Ethnopolitics’ Launched in Russia

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 29 – The first number of Voprosy Ethnopolitiki (“Questions of Ethnopolitics”) has appeared in Moscow. It has the backing of the Presidential Administration which wants it to be directed at both theoreticians and practical workers in this area and is edited by Magomed Omarov of the Russian State Humanities University.

            According to Nazaccent, the formal presentation of the journal will take place on February 1 (, but the 128-page first issue has already been posted online (
            Some idea of the focus of the journal can be gleaned from the table of contents for the first issue, and in the coming weeks, many of these articles will be the subject of Windows. But for those who read Russian, there is a rich offering of essays to be considered even before that happens:

V.A. Achkasov, “Problems of Interpretation of the Basic Terms in Russian Ethnopolitical Science and Ethno-Politics”

M..A. Omarov, “The Institutions of Civil Society and Their Role in the Maintenance of Inter-Ethnic Peace”

L.M. Drobizheva, “Dynamics of Non-Ethnic Russian Identity”

Yu.P Shabayev, “Historical Roots of Contemporary Finno-Ugric Pan-Nationalism”

V.A. Avksentyev, “Ethnopolitical Processes in the North Caucasus: Stabilization, Factors and Risks”

D.S. Dzhanteyeva, “Communication Strategies of Ethno-National Policy in the North Caucasus”

A.G. Bolshakov, “The Language Problem in Tatarstan: Tension without Conflict”

N.M. Mukharyamov, “Language Policy and Nation Building in Changing Circumstances”

O.B. Yanush, “The Official Status of Languages of Minorities: The Experience of Finno-Ugri c Regions of Russia”

V.K. Shabelnikov, “Psychological Problems of the Reformation of the Non-Ethnic Russian Nation”

A.K. Magomedov, “The Russian North Faces Real and Deferred Ethnic Problems”

UPDATE: At the official presentation of the new journal on February 1, the editors said that Voprosy etnopolitiki will soon be issued in an English-language edition (

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