Saturday, October 31, 2020

Moscow-Centric State Remains an Empire but Russia has Been Destroyed, Eidman Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, October 30 – Russia has not existed at least since 1917, Igor Eidman says, but the empire centered on Moscow has continued under different names. As many emigres recognized, the Bolsheviks destroyed Russia but they quickly rebuilt the empire on a communist basis and called it the USSR.

            In 1991, the Russian commentator continues, “the USSR fell apart, but Russia was not reborn.” Part of that state emerged calling itself “the Russian Federation,” but it “quickly restored the empire” this time around not as a communist one but as a mafia state” (

            “But Russia as a country with a single political nation didn’t come back and doesn’t exist,” Eidman says.

            Because the Kremlin claims otherwise, some are confused. But “what ties the mafia empire of the Russian Federation to historical Russia/ Perhaps, religion and culture? The ROC for a long time has not been Orthodox but the Russian Victory Church. Putin is its patriarch, and Gundyayev is a minor figure.”

            “The ruling class has nothing in common with Russian culture,” Eidman says. “This is a community of criminals.” And as a result, “the powers in Russia have exactly the same relationship to the country bearing that name as Don Carleone’s bank to the territory he controlled.” There are regional “neighborhoods.” But each has a godfather from Moscow.

            “Why do so many Russians hate their capital? One can’t imagine Germans hating Berlin, Englishmen hating London, the French hating Paris and so on,” Eidman continues. “But the Poles or Czechs, of course, hated the capital of the Third Reich, the Hindus hated the capital of the British Empire, and the Algerians the capital of imperial France.”

            “A multitude of Russians, regardless of nationality view Moscow as an imperial capital and themselves as residents of dependent colonial territories. This is the only way ne can explain the hatred toward Moscow that exists today in Russia’s regions.” They are kept in by Muscovite force and barbed wire. Without those, they would choose to leave.

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