Thursday, November 5, 2020

Full Text of New KBR Study of Circassian Diaspora Now Available Online

Paul Goble

            Staunton, November 3 – The Internet has promoted not only connectivity among members of particular communities but it has made it possible for them to read otherwise inaccessible books by signing on to the Internet alone. This has become particularly important as print runs have fallen, prices have risen, and the ability to acquire physical books has declined.

            There are many examples, but a particularly important one for Circassians and those who care about them as well about the nature of diasporas as a social and political phenomenon with an impact on their homelands has now appeared. It is Anzor Kushkhabiyev’s The History of the Circassian Diaspora Abroad (in Russian, Nalchik: 2018, 192 pp., ISBN978-5-901497-88-3).

            A bibliographic rarity from the day it was published two years ago in only 500 copies, this book is now available full text online at It provides a useful introduction to the history and current state of the more than five million Circassians abroad.  It is especially valuable for its bibliography of even more rare sources. 

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