Thursday, December 24, 2020

Prosecutors in Ingush Seven Trial Trying to Obscure How Weak Their Case Is by Introducing Irrelevant Materials, Defense Lawyers Suggest

Paul Goble

            Staunton, December 22 – Prosecutors in the Essentuki trial of the Ingush Seven on charges of using force against the police and organizing an extremist organization have fallen back on reading irrelevant information into the record, Aralbek Dumashishev and Bilan Dzugayev, attorneys for the defendants say.

            Prosecutors have done so to conceal the weakness of their case and the fact that they again today were unable to produce the witnesses they have promised and fell back on reading materials assembled during the investigation (

            Dumashishev and Dzugayev say that the materials read into the record during today’s court session included documents, such as the rules governing the MASHR human rights organization, which have nothing to do with the charges.  Putting such things into the record only highlights just how absurd the charges are and how poorly the government has prepared.

            Meanwhile, outside the building in the Stavropol Kray court where the trial is taking place, ten supporters of the defendants assembled to express their support for those being tried. The police did not try to disperse them because the participants did not carry placards or shout slogans (  and

            “We did not have a picket but rather something like a flashmob and a support group, Bagaudin Myakiyev, one of the participants and a former prisoner himself, said. Those taking part stood in front of the court building for more than a hour, and two of them carried the flag of the Republic of Ingushetia.

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