Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Federative Party Leader Leaves Russia But Vows to Continue the Fight

Paul Goble

            Staunton, June 7 – Oleg Khomustinnikov, an independent deputy in the Lipetsk Oblast parliament and one of the founders of the Federative Party, left Russia today after being told by the authorities that if he insisted on being a candidate in the upcoming elections, a criminal case would be opened against him.

            Although he told the BBC that the opposition in Russia has no option but to go underground given increasing repression (, he told the Tallinn-based regionalist portal that in leaving, he will try to “preserve” the Federative Party by establishing “some kind of foreign wing” (

            Earlier he told Radio Liberty that the rulers of Russia “consider themselves the new aristocracy although in reality they are creating only a parody of times long past” and that “in the contemporary, interconnected and rapidly developing world, this archaic empire is already incompatible (

            Those who think that way can “scarcely permit” any real politics in the elections, Khomustinnikov says, because “the empire considers that by incarcerating its opponents or driving them abroad, it will win. History will show otherwise.”

            For background on Khomustinnikov and his party, see

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