Wednesday, June 30, 2021

New Iron Curtain Going Up between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated in Russia and Other Countries, Baranova Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, June 26 – Each new cataclysm changes the way the world is divided, Ancha Baranova says. The rise of communism led to an iron curtain between the Soviet bloc and the West. The collapse of communism led to expectations the world would divide along cultural lines. But the pandemic is putting in place new dividing lines, Ancha Baranova says.

            The Russian biologist now teaching at George Mason University in the United States says a new iron curtain is already going up not between peoples or countries or cultures but between people within countries who have been vaccinated and those in the same countries who have not (

            Given the ability of viruses to spread rapidly around the world because of the ease of transportation and the concentration of populations in cities, pandemics are going to become more frequent and quite possibly more deadly, Baranova suggests. People will try to protect themselves by erecting barriers, but the highest ones won’t be between countries but within them.

            “Countries will not be separated by ‘an iron curtain.’ This border will pass not among countries but within countries between various groups of the population. In each country which has the resources and can make or buy the vaccine, there is already a clear division of people between those who want to be vaccinated and those who don’t,” the biologist says.

            Russia is an obvious case, Baranova continues. Only ten percent of its population is vaccinated, and that is already splitting the country into two nations. Russians need to recognize the dangers inherent in that. Instead, all too many are assuming the pandemics will pass and they can get by with doing nothing. They are wrong.

            Those who choose to get fake certificates of vaccination are behaving in an especially dangerous way. It is possible to determine by blood analysis whether people have been vaccinated, but the presumption of innocence on which social stability depends requires that declarations be accepted rather than investigated.

            Because such fake certificates are spreading in Russia, there is a great danger, even a certainty, that those hiding behind them will spread the coronavirus further and only deepen the divide between those who have gotten the shots and those who have not. That divide will affect the entire society for decades to come.

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