Saturday, September 4, 2021

Recording Shows Moscow Official Telling Subordinates Exactly How to Ensure Election Results are Those Required, ‘Novaya Gazeta’ Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Sept. 3 – An audio recording of a meeting of election officials in a district near Moscow that has come into the possession of Novaya gazeta features Russian election officials discussing exactly what percentage of the votes the ruling party and others are to get and how these officials are to achieve those results by falsification.

            The district involved is one that has had problems with elections before, and it is unclear whether this is a one-off event or whether as seems more likely it is part of an all-Russia effort by the powers that be. The paper has asked the Central Election Commission for comment but so far without success (

            The meeting took place in Korolevo which the paper has identified as one of the places where election falsifications have been reported ( and consequently one that in the current situation merits the closest possible monitoring.

            In the current audio tape, an election official tells those in attendance that they must ensure that United Russia wins 45 percent of the vote on party list and must know who is the United Russia candidate in each of the single member constituencies so as to be in a position to guarantee that they win approximately the same percentage.

            The official specifies percentages for other “systemic” parties saying it has no problems with the KPRF or LDPR candidates, although it is troubled by a Just Russian candidate and apparently would like to see that individual lose. And perhaps most disturbingly, the official specifies just how falsification to achieve that end is to take place.

            Election officials, the speaker says, must maintain two election lists, one for the observers and the other for voters. The one for the voters is the actual result, while the one for observers is falsified and where the number of signatures necessary to ensure United Russia 45 percent of the vote is recorded.

            After the polls close, the speaker says, election officials must replace the first with the second and then dispose of the first and the ballots on which it is based. Then the required results can be reported without any threat that they can be challenged by opposition groups who will demand to see actual ballots that no longer exist.


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