Sunday, October 17, 2021

Creationism Now Being Promoted Over Evolution by Theology Instructors at Irkutsk State University

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Oct.  7 – Instructors at Irkutsk State University’s theology department are currently promoting creationism as an alternative to evolution and spreading their views throughout the entire history faculty because these courses are available not just to future specialists on religion but also to all student sin that faculty.

            Courses in theology are fine, Babr journalist Aelita Khlebnikova says; but “recently, church instructors have very insistently propagandized views on a wide range of issues, which are very far from their themes.” Among these is the issue of creationism and Darwinian evolution (

            “Scholars and critics of creationism in general are not opponents of religion and the idea of the existence of God. They only protest against the idea that creationism be taught and considered as a genuine scientific theory because it is impossible to verify and falsify are other scientific hypotheses and theories,” the journalist says.

            For a state university to allow creationism to be taught as an alternative to creationism is thus wrong and should be stopped. If it isn’t, Khlebnikova says, Irkutsk State University will slip further down the rankings of the country’s higher educational institutions. And many will ask whether there are real forces at work pushing for “a return to the Middle Ages.”

            Faculty members at Irkutsk State University are likely to decide they need to leave to focus on science rather than religion, “and in our higher educational institutions,” the journalist concludes, “students will be tested about the collapse of the theory of evolution,” exactly the opposite of what should have in a state-supported secular academic institution.


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