Friday, December 24, 2021

Russian Nationalists Animated by Fears Ethnic Russians Will Soon be a Minority in Their Own Country, Basmanov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Nov. 4 – Vladimir Basmanov, a leader of the Movement of Russian Nationalists, says that he and others involved in its activities, are animated by fears that ethnic Russians will soon be a minority in their own country as a result of low birthrates among Russians and rising immigration from Central Asia and the Caucasus.

            Speaking in advance of this year’s Russian March, he says that that action will feature slogans like “For Russia without Putin and the Migration that is Changing it,” “Down with international tyranny,” and “Nationalists against Russia Being ‘Erased’ from the Map” (

            If nothing is done and soon, Basmanov continues, “several generations from now, ethnic Russians could become an ethnic minority.” But this situation is “far from irreversible” and Russian nationalists are committed to taking preventive action, limiting immigration and installing a government in Moscow that is pro-Russian and not internationalist.

            “The Russian Federation is an unstable country,” he says, “and here the question is not whether we should wait for the next ideal storm but rather whether the nationalists will be unprepared” when that storm comes. Making preparations is the chief task of Russian nationalists now.

            If the Russian nationalists succeed, “the demographic consequences of the genocide of ethnic Russians conducted during the rule of Yeltsin and Putin can be completely overcome in 30 years r even less.” In promoting this, Basmanov says that “Russian nationalists are not against other peoples of the Russian Federation having their own culture and traditions.”

            “We are not supporters of assimilation,” whether it be of non-Russians by ethnic Russians or of ethnic Russians by others. “Peaceful coexistence of several cultures in one state is possible but here is it important to provide maximum support to the ethnic and cultural nucleus of the state forming people.” Otherwise the state will ultimately collapse.

            “If Putin’s course on national and migration issues continues, first of all the Russian Federation will be transformed into something like present-day Kazakhstan. That is, it will be a poor state, semi-Asiatic, secular but increasingly drawn to Islam.” Russians will be a minority in their own country and then disappear through assimilation.

            One might have called what is happening in the West and in Russia multiculturalism a decade ago, but now, Basmanov says, “this is no longer multiculturalism; this is militant internationalism or if you want multi-racial Marxism which completely excludes white men and in part white women.”

            This must be fought in Russia and the West. Where possible, nationalists may be able to come to power. Where that isn’t possible because things have gone too far, the nationalists should from ethnic enclaves within their own countries or dispatch saving remnants abroad who will be able to return when better times come.

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