Monday, January 24, 2022

Putin’s Destruction of Healthcare System Means Russian Deaths will Only Increase, ‘Forbidden Opinion’ Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Dec. 5 – The Putin regime blames everyone but itself for the fact that while infection rates in Russia are relatively low, the number of deaths is very high; and because the Kremlin refuses to recognize the role that Moscow’s destruction of the Russian healthcare system under Putin’s “optimization” program plays, the number of deaths will only increase.

            That is the conclusion of The Forbidden Opinion telegram channel which notes that either Russians are suffering from a special “’Russian strain,’” which is nonsense because no such thing exists or they are dying because they can’t get adequate medical care (

            It is entirely understandable, the channel says, that “the Putin regime doesn’t want to take responsibility for what is happening on itself.” Instead, it blames the virus, “’antivaxxers,’” and “foreign enemies.” It won’t blame the leaders and officials who have destroyed the healthcare system.

            The logic of Russian officials is “not to solve a problem but to react to it,” to announce measures rather than be concerned about what these measures will do. As a result, the healthcare system has been so decimated that “mortality in Russia will continue to remain at a phenomenally high level” regardless of what else the regime does.”

            Vaccinations alone won’t work. Some people will get sick and need treatment. And in Putin’s Russia, many of them won’t be able to get medical care. If the death rate is to be reduced, the healthcare system must be restored. But the Kremlin has signaled its plans: it is cutting spending of medical care again.

            As a result, more Russians will die; and the Kremlin will be responsible, The Forbidden Opinion concludes.


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