Tuesday, April 19, 2022

DNR Representative Says Ukraine May Soon Shoot Down a Swedish or Finnish Airliner

Paul Goble

            Staunton, April 11 – Because the Putin regime often accuses others of doing or planning to do what it has done, is doing or plans to do, no one should ignore a list of six kinds of provocatory terrorist action that security analysts and observers say Ukraine is likely to engage in in the future.

            The six are: a repetition of what occurred in Srebrenica, the use of human shields the way ISIS did in Syria, shooting ambulances carrying the wounded, blowing up chemical factories, looting of the personal residences and stores of Ukrainians and shooting down a jetliner passing over its territory or nearby Russian areas (ura.news/news/1052544963).

            According to Johan Bekman, the official representative of the Donetsk Peoples Republic in Finland, a repetition of the shooting down of an airliner from Sweden or Finland is “the most dangerous threat” Russia and the world faces from Ukraine. The fact that Stockholm and Helsinki want to join NATO makes their planes a perfect target for such an operation.

            Having someone from Donetsk make such a suggestion is in many ways a perfect indication of what is going on. After all, it was from Donetsk that the Russian rocket that shot down the Malaysian civilian jetliner in 2014 came, something Moscow tried hard but without much success to blame on Ukraine (windowoneurasia2.blogspot.com/2022/04/moscow-employing-precisely-same.html).

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