Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ever More People and Elites in Regions and Republics Now Want Independence from Moscow to Escape Responsibility for Putin’s War in Ukraine, Feigin Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Apr. 11 – In the regions and republics of the Russian Federation, there is a new driving force for seeking separation from Moscow and outright independence, Mark Feigin says; and that is this: people in these places know that unless they escape, they will be among those held responsible for Putin’s war in Ukraine.

            Separatism now, the former vice mayor of Samara says, represents “an attempt to evade responsibility for the war,” just as separatism in the union republics at the end of Soviet times was an attempt to evade bearing responsibility for “all the sins of the Soviet Union” (

            And consequently, the current political observer and blogger continues, “these trends will inevitably grow” as more and more people in the Russian Federation recognize that unless they separate, they will be among those held responsible by the West and others for Putin’s crimes in Ukraine.

            Federalism is not really an option, Feigin says. Federations can be built only in a state of calm; and now, Russia is neither in that condition nor a federation. It is a unitary state. And that makes the disintegration of the country more likely. Indeed, according to Feigin, “Russia now faces inevitable collapse” as it is hard to keep minorities in hand except by force.

            After all, no one will believe that “there will never be another usurpation of power. Nobody can guarantee this: Russia is going in circles.” That means it must become either ever more coercive or allow the country to collapse and disintegrate. And the latter option is the better choice for more and more people.

            “Why pray for the strengthening of the unity of the state?” he asks. “The Soviet Union collapsed and that was a good thing. Some peoples managed then to gain freedom and sovereignty.” Now, those who didn’t get these things then should be allowed to do so, Feigin concludes.


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