Saturday, April 6, 2024

Kremlin Arrests Aleksandr Skobov, the Russian who has Done So Much to Expose the Dangers Putin Represents to the World

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Apr. 3 – It is sadly no surprise that the Kremlin has now arrested Aleksandr Skobov, a dissident in Soviet times and a dissident in post-Soviet ones, because unlike almost anyone else, he has consistently opposed what Putin and his ilk have done and pointed out the challenges that the Kremlin leader poses not only to his country but to the world.

            From the beginning of his public life, Skobov recognized that the Moscow empire is today’s Carthage and must be destroyed and warned against those in Russia and even more those in Western countries who have failed to recognize just how dangerous Putin is and how critically important it is for the world to unite against him.

            Undoubtedly for that reason, Putin’s newest political prisoner has not received the attention and praise that other Russian opposition figures have, figures who were late in condemning what Putin has done but fled when it became too dangerous and who did not challenge the West for its failures to confront him.

            It is unlikely that Putin and his jailors will ever allow Skobov to escape from their jails; but one can hope that in being willing to take the positions he has, the Soviet-Russian dissident will attract even more attention to his ideas and convince both Russians and Western leaders of the need to act upon them.

            Both to further that cause and to call attention to why Skobov has been and will continue to be a guide for all people of good will when it comes to dealing with the criminal in the Kremlin, this writer wants to some of the articles about his ideas that have appeared in Window on Eurasia since Putin launched his expanded invasion of Ukraine in February 2022:

·       Putinism Now an Existential Threat to West Just as Barbarians were to Rome and Could Succeed as They Did Unless West Responds Adequately, Skobov Says

·       Putin is the New Hitler and the Only Way to Stop Him is the Way the Old Hitler Was, Skobov Says

·       Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine and Anti-Western Position Direct Products of the 1990s, Skobov Says

·       Prigozhin Revolt hasn't Led to Collapse of State, Skobov Says; It Only Showed That Such a Collapse had Already Taken Place

·       Unlike KGB at End of Soviet Times, FSB Now Animated by Desire to Repress, Skobov Says

·       Ban on Annexations Putin has Now Violated Allowed the Cold War to Remain Cold, Skobov Says

·       Putin and His Regime have Same Underlying Goals Hitler and the Nazis Did, Skobov Says

·       Even More than the West, Anti-Putin Russian Emigration Divided Between the Chamberlains and the Churchills, Skobov Says

·       Not Just Propaganda -- Putin Really Fears Russia Could Fall Apart, Skobov Says

·       Western Leaders Want Ukraine to Win but Russia Not to Suffer Defeat, Two Desires that Can’t be Squared, Skobov Says

·       By Saying Russia Must Not be Defeated Lest it Use Nuclear Weapons, Yavlinsky is ‘an Accomplice of the New Hitler,’ Skobov Says

·       Complete Victory over Putin’s Russia Not Only Possible but Vital, Skobov Says

·       West’s Dosing of Support for Ukraine Gives Putin Time to Regroup and Does Nothing to Prevent Him from Deciding to Use Nuclear Weapons, Skobov Says

·       West Wrong to Assume Putin will Act Rationally and Pragmatically in Response to Racheting Up of Pressure over Ukraine, Skobov Says

·       Putin Attacked Ukraine because World Refused to Acknowledge His Right to Do So, Skobov Says

·       Putin Rejects Doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction, Opening the Way for a Russian First Strike, Skobov Says

·       Willingness of Educated Russians to Work for Putin’s Fascist Regime Reflects Russia’s Moral Collapse, Skobov Says

·       Putin Seeking New World Order like One Hitler Tried to Impose but was Blocked from Creating, Skobov Says

·       Putin Using Belarus to ‘Internationalize’ and Escalate His Conflict with the West, Skobov Says

·       West Must Back Ukraine by Intervening Militarily if Putin is to Be Blocked from Using Nuclear Weapons, Skobov Says

·       Putin’s System Not Last Stage of Bolshevism but First Stage of Fascism and Won’t Die without Outside Intervention, Skobov Says

·       Putin Attacking Not Just Ukraine but Entire World of Normal People, Skobov Says

·       Putin Using Kaliningrad Exactly the Way Hitler Used that Region when It was Called East Prussia, Skobov Says

·       Unlike Brezhnev, Putin is Not ‘a Rational Scoundrel’ with Whom Compromise is Possible, Skobov Says

·       Putin isn’t ‘Copying the Nazis’ as Some in the West Say; He is a Nazi, Skobov Says

·       Putin’s War in Ukraine Reflects Russians’ Failure to See Stalin’s Army was Both a Liberator and an Enslaver, Skobov Says

·       West Faces Tough Choice in Ukraine Because Putin Can’t Back Down, Skobov Says

·       Putin’s Anschluss of Crimea Made a Third World War Inevitable, Skobov Says

·       Putin has Only One Goal and Only Those who Want to Be Deceived Are, Skobov Says

·       Russia’s Technocrats Aren’t the Liberals Some Imagine but Rather the Gravediggers of Democracy, Skobov Says

·       Free World Must Form an Anti-Putin Coalition Just as It Did to Destroy Hitler, Skobov Says

·       No One Must be Under Any Illusion that Peace is Possible as Long as Putin Regime Exists, Skobov Says

·       Any Concessions to Putin on Ukraine Will Mark End of the West, Skobov Warns

·       Only Military Defeat in Ukraine Can Stop Putin from Pursuing His Larger Goals, Skobov Says
















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