Friday, May 10, 2024

Measles, Whooping Cough and Flu Now at Record Levels in Russia, ‘To Be Precise’ Reports

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 6 – The incidence of measles, whooping cough and flu in Russia rose to record levels in 2023 and continues to rise this year, the To Be Precise portal reports, the result of the cyclical nature of infectious diseases, vaccine shortages, and reluctance to get vaccinated and other problems that arose during the pandemic, the To Be Precise portal says.

            The increases last year were dramatic, the portal notes. The number of cases of measles, for example, rose from 102 cases in 2022 to 13,000 last year, with increases of other infectious diseases comparable (

            Some of this development reflects the cyclical nature of infectious diseases which have especially large outbreaks every four to six years as the infecting agents change. But most of it reflects the shortage of vaccines resulting from sanctions and the inability of Russian pharmaceutical companies to make up the difference and the impact of the pandemic.

            The pandemic led to increasing public skepticism abound the world about the utility of vaccines and that to a fall off in the percentage of children being vaccinated for many diseases that can be reduced to a handful if everyone gets his or her shots. But the declines in Russia were especially large, and the upsurge of infections is the result.

            Also contributing to the rise in the number of infections, To Be Precise reports, is the strategy the Russian medical system has adopted. Instead of seeking to immunize everyone, it is now trying to give shots only to those who do not have antibodies. But that means that available vaccines are often going to people who don’t need them and not to those who do.


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