Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Putin Doesn’t Want Back in G8 - He Aims to Destroy It and Other Western Groupings as Well – and for Now He has Trump’s Assistance, Eidman Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, June 13 – For what must have been the first time in his life, Putin’s press secretary spoke the truth when he declared that the Kremlin leader isn’t longing to get Russia back in the G8, Igor Eidman says. Putin has “another goal” – to destroy that organization of the Western democracies as well as all others.

            What happened  at the G7 meeting in Quebec certainly delighted Putin, the Russian commentator for Deutsche Welle says. The current Russian leader is pursuing the same goal his Soviet predecessors did in seeking to divide Europe and the United States by promoting anti-Americanism in the former (

                This time around, the Kremlin was “doubly successful” because it had the assistance of US President Donald Trump and his “anti-liberal and anti-European course.”  As a result, “Trump has displaced Putin” as the leader Europeans are most appalled by. “For the first time in post-war history, the union of the US and Western Europe has turned out to be under threat.”

            “The Kremlin couldn’t have wanted anything more,” Eidman continues.  Putin’s most passionately desired dreams are coming true thanks to Trump who is “conducting himself as an ideal agent of the Kremlin, although probably without being one in fact.”  But Putin’s happiness is likely to be short-lived.

            Eidman argues “the end of this story is predictable.”  The US political system is currently showing itself to be “’fool (Trump) proof.’” Thus, in time, “Trump is doomed.” When that happens, Putin “will have to answer for backing of Trump in the elections, and for the attempt with Trump’s help to destabilize and split the West – and other crimes of his hybrid war.”

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