Wednesday, May 15, 2019

50 Investigators have Come to Ingushetia from Other Parts of Russia to Fabricate Cases against Protesters, Activists Say

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 13 – After Yunus-Bek Yevkurov provoked violence during  the March 27 demonstration, Moscow sent in some 50 investigators from other regions of the Russian Federation to fabricate criminal cases not only against the leaders of the protests but also against ordinary Ingush as well, activists say (

            The number of people Yevkurov wanted to get out of the way by bringing charges against exceeded the capacity of the republic’s legal system, and so Moscow has sent reinforcements.  As a result, the number of Ingush charged and then incarcerated continues to climb (, and

            Those who have been detained, the activists continue, are in jail simply because Yevkurov wants them to be regardless of what they have said and done. And that has angered almost all other Ingush who are concerned that they could be next unless the republic head is ousted and the situation is changed. The regional government has completely discredited itself.

            And what that means is this, the activists say, is that “the regional powers that be are not in a position to promote the interests of the federal center in the republic,” something they insist, “Kremlin officials understand very well” but aren’t moving against Yevkurov lest they appear to be backing down under pressure.

            They also know, the activists say, that the situation in Ingushetia is not stabilizing. Instead, the situation is becoming more dangerous. With the senior leaders under arrest, many younger people are becoming more radical and it would take only the smallest mistake to set the situation aflame. If that happens, it won’t end at Ingushetia’s borders, the activists argue.

            The activists say there is “only one way out.” The republic parliament must take charge of the situation after all the political prisoners are released, steps that can occur only if Moscow intervenes and Yevkurov is either dismissed or clearly on the way out. Then there can be talks about the future.

            Meanwhile, an Ingush court rejected an appeal by Murad Khazbiyev to find against the government for shutting off Internet operations during the protests. The activist says he will appeal to the federal courts and, failing a good judgment there, to other courts as well (

            And in another indication that the Yevkurov regime is in trouble from within as well as from without, investigators reported that the state institutions of the republic haven’t made required insurance payments for almost a year, likely diverting the money into the pockets of senior people or for repressive measures (

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