Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Siloviki in Ingushetia Detain Committee Against Torture Activists, Can’t Find Opposition Figure

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 7 – Law enforcement officers in Ingushetia detained three activists of the Committee Against Torture organization who came to the republic to do a film about the recent actions of the authorities there, but for another day, they have been unable to locate and then arrest Akhmet Pogorov who reportedly remains in the republic.

            The Russian Presidential Human Rights Council reports that law enforcement personnel in Ingushetia have detained Magomed Adamov, Yevgeny Chilikov and Leonid Utkin, three people affiliated with the Committee Against Torture (, and

                The three, who are making a film about the case against boxer Albert Khamkhoyev last fall, were arrested by masked men who did not identify themselves making it impossible to know whether they are Ingush police or Russian siloviki in Ingushetia backing up the local authorities. The republic interior ministry did report their detentions on its website.

            Meanwhile, and despite the dragnet in Ingushetia against all suspected of opposition activity, the authorities again proved incapable of arresting former interior minister and opposition leader Akhmet Pogorov, even though he is on the all-Russia watchlist and even though he remains active in the republic (

            One of Pogorov’s associates says that the former minister specially made a video appeal from Magas ( to show that he has no intention of leaving Ingushetia and that he will continue the anti-corruption investigations for which he is being persecuted by the authorities. 

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