Friday, September 6, 2019

Duma Officials Hope to Make Putin Immortal and Modify Russian People Genetically, Yakovenko Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, September 3 – Legislative bodies are often the source of outrageous ideas, but few can top what the Russian Duma has just done with its staff announcing a contract study on how to make Vladimir Putin and the Russian elite via cryogenics immortal and the Russian people via genetic engineering their obedient servants, Igor Yakovenko reports.

            The apparatus f the Duma is seeking t contract for a nine million ruble (135,000 US dollar) study on the feasibility of using cryogenics to allow some Russians to achieve a kind of immortality as well as of using genetic engineering to produce a better Russian people, more ready to have children and work for the state and less distracted by personal concerns.

            The contract specs are at Yakvenko’s commentary is available at

            The contract, which is to be completed by November 30, also calls for investigating the possibility of using cloning to address Russia’s demographic decline.  But the most intriguing ideas, ones that would make well and Huxley role over in their graves involve transforming society through the creation of a new Homo Putinus and the immortalization of Russian leaders.

            Most Russian experts are skeptical about such projects – Yevgeny Aleksandrov of the Academy of Sciences dismisses them as a worthless waste of money – but the Duma, quite possibly on orders from its bosses in the Kremlin is going ahead, planning for a new man and a new society and the retention of the current leader long into the future.

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