Sunday, September 8, 2019

Moscow Procuracy Reverses Itself to Block Pensioners Party Candidates in Ingushetia

Paul Goble

            Staunton, September 4 – Moscow officials have come up with another way to block opposition candidates in Ingushetia: support the appeals by the party whose candidates have been blocked by reginal officials but then reverse themselves so late in the game that the opposition parties have no chance of having an appeal heard that could get them on the ballot.

            On August 29, Ingush officials refused to register three Peoples Party candidates for municipal councils. The party appealed to the Russian Procuracy General and the Investigations Committee which initially supported their appeal. Then, all of a sudden, on September 3, they reversed themselves.

            That means that the Peoples Party has to appeal to the republic’s Supreme Court which it has done, but there is insufficient time for a hearing before the September 8 elections. As a result, the Peoples Party candidates won’t be on the ballot; but both Moscow and Magas can say that all legal procedures were followed (

            Had the Moscow officials initially rejected the Peoples Party application, there might have been time for an appeal; but by accepting and then rejecting it, the Russian procuracy and investigation committee undoubtedly working hand in glove with Magas have created a situation in which justice delayed is justice denied.

            And that will increase rather than reduce the sense of injustice many in Ingushetia feel about the way in which Moscow and Magas have managed this situation.

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