Saturday, March 14, 2020

By Seeking to Rule for Life, Putin Makes a New Revolution Inevitable, Orekh Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, March 8 – Vladimir Putin has won support by promising Russians predictability, and now he has achieved for himself what he wanted from such promises: constitutional changes that will allow him to remain in power for the rest of his life. But he has made predictable – decay and revolution – what he promised to prevent, Anton Orekh says.

            “Now I am certain about what will happen tomorrow and the day after that,” the Moscow commentator says. “I know that things will not get better in my country. They will only get worse, and the only question is how much and how quickly that will happen (

            In just a few years, Russia will be ruled by an aging despot; and behind his back, there will be those who will struggle for part or all of his inheritance. This will be “an absolute nightmare” for the country especially since it will “end only with a revolt or a palace coup.” Putin says that the time of revolutions is over, but by his actions, he has just “started a new one.”

            “Obviously all more or less young, talented and capable people already will not connect their future with their motherland because their native spaces simply aren’t going to have that kind of future.” Instead, they will leave; and the degenerates will remain and make things even worse, even faster.

            According to Orekh, “the powers will continue to fight with the consequences of the 1990s,” a fight that may last a century. And they will “continue to celebrate the victory over fascism which also can be marked with each passing year, a victory which we did not achieve but rather the generation only a handful of which remains alive.

            That “victory … symbolizes only that we since that time have not achieved anything and are capable of living only by the past. For years to come we will remain entirely dependent on the price of oil and dream about how to ruin things for America. Not to do anything good for ourselves but to inflict something bad on others (stress supplied)

            That is what Putin and those who support him are leading Russia today. And it is long past time for Russians to recognize that “out country is this way only because we have permitted the powers to make it so.”           

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