Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kremlin Preps Questioners for Putin’s ‘Open Line’ – ‘Don’t Drink Too Much Water’ In Advance

Paul Goble

            Staunton, June 14 – Vladimir Putin’s ‘Direct Line’ broadcast “is a show, and a show must always be well-prepared,” according to one of the Kremlin operatives who has taken part in sessions designed to prepare questioners who may be called on during the program (

            This year as in the past, approximately 100 people from the regions, from media outlets and from among lower-ranking politicians were invited to take part in a briefing session at a pension near Moscow so that those without media experience could be ready for the experience and have their questions prepared.

            Organizers who came from various parts of the Presidential Administration and its media advisors stressed, RBC reported, that no one was given a question prepared by others. Instead, the experts helped those invited to take part to formulate their questions briefly and clearly. But even then, those at the sessions were told, there is no guarantee that they will be called on.

            Perhaps the most useful advice the organizers of this advance session gave to participants was that they shouldn’t drink too much in advance of the show because it can easily last “up to four to five hours,” and they may not have the opportunity to relieve themselves during the program.

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