Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Putin’s Most Intimate Phobias have Become All Too Real Problems for Russia, Eidman Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, June 20 – More than most people, Vladimir Putin has made jokes about gays, Igor Eidman says, a reflection of “his unconscious fear” of them and even at a deeper level his “own homosexual fantasies which he simultaneously seeks to exclude but shows with his homophobic jokes.”

            The Russian commentator for Deutsche Welle earlier discussed in detail the Kremlin leader’s response to a question about how he would react if he found himself in a shower with someone who was gay (windowoneurasia2.blogspot.com/2017/06/putins-freudian-slip-in-shower.html).

            Now, after Putin has made more jokes about homosexuality in the interval, Eidman has returned to the subject, arguing that while such “psychological problems” are a personal matter for most, when they involve a dictator as in this case, they “always become problems for his country” as well (kasparov.ru/material.php?id=5946C0C8B131A).

            Putin is “a neurotic,” the Russian commentator says, who all his life has “hidden from those around him his real desires, fears and inclinations. People of that kind are inclined to lies and unmotivated aggression” which in this case “have become the basic policy of the Putin leadership of Russia.”

            “Precisely the unconscious fears which have a sexual undertone form Putin’s attitude toward the West,” Eidman says. “He as it were is afraid of being raped by it, that is, of being put in a passive, subordinate and denigrated position to militarily and economically stronger Western countries.”

            “In general,” the commentator continues, Putin “conceives all world politics as a set of sado-masochistic relations where partners (they too are potential sadists and rapists) will always seek” to dominate and thus must be resisted lest they gain the opportunity that in his mind they are always seeking.

            What this means, Eidman continues, is that “Putin has forever remained a weak youth from a poor family who went into judo in order to defend himself against constant humiliations (and at a subconscious level, possibly also from phobias of homosexual rape, which in Soviet society was a completely real thing for example in the army or the prison).”

            The Russian commentator says he won’t discuss “the numerous rumors” about Putin’s supposed pedophilia.  He doesn’t have any ironclad evidence about such things. “But,” he continues, Putin himself “periodically unconsciously speaks about his major problems in the sexual and psychological sphere.”

            And “it is becoming ever more difficult to conceal them from society,” Eidman suggests.  That is why the Kremlin is doing everything it can to promote the notion of Putin’s “’normality,’” be it in repeated references to his grandchildren or suggestions that he will soon remarry.

            In this way, the commentator concludes, “the authorities are trying before the elections to fight the intensifying rumors about sexual deviations of Russia’s Patient Number One.”

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