Sunday, March 7, 2021

Young Russians Want a Normal Country, Not One Based on the Past or Some Ideological Vision

Paul Goble

            Staunton, March 5 – The “We Speak Russian” blog suggests younger Russians reject both a Russia modeled on the past as offered by “state father” Putin and “the beautiful Russia of the future” modeled on an ideological vision as offered by Aleksey Navalny. Instead, the rising generation wants “a normal Russia” (

            Young Russians between the ages of 18 and 25 refer to Putin as “the state father,” according to sociologist Konstantin Gaaze, someone who doesn’t use the Internet or have a smart phone and thus is fundamentally out of touch with the world the younger generation lives in (

            At the same time, many in that generation aren’t so much interested in Navalny’s “beautiful Russia of the future” as in a normal country given that “a normal Russia is something more stable, real and achievable than a beautiful Russia which seems to be in the realm of dreams and is now used in an ironic way,” the blog says.

            It notes that this distinction was underscored by the recent statement of politician Yuliya Galyamina to a hearing in the Tver district court in which she said that “I foresee a future in which each person in our country wherever he or she lives will be able to life in a dignified way, have a normal income, buy good food and clothing, travel, take care of parents and raise children” (

            In a normal Russia, she continued, people will feel themselves free and secure, and it was precisely for such a future, a future of normal life and a normal Russia of the future which 16 million Russians who supported our campaign against the amendments to the Constitution were voting for.”

            By voting for a normal Russia, they were driven to oppose “amendments which were designed to deprive us of such a future.”

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