Sunday, June 13, 2021

Surkov Says World ‘Really Tired of Ukraine’ and Moscow Must Use Situation and Retake It

Paul Goble

            Staunton, June 11 – According to the Wargonzo telegram channel, Vladislav Surkov, the former Putin advisor who oversaw Ukrainian policy earlier, now is saying that the world is “tired of Ukraine” and that Moscow make use of that in order to retake its territory by force if need be ( discussed at

            Russian nationalist and imperialist outlets have repeated Surkov’s call with enthusiastic approval, while, not unsurprisingly, Ukrainian outlets have denounced his words as a distortion of the real situation and as a threat to their country even though Surkov said that there were more kinds of force than just military power.

            “Of course,” Moscow will need to use force, the former Putin advisor says. But “there are various kinds of force,” including the work of the special services, economic pressure, and the spread of soft power through the media. But now is the time to push forward, the outspoken Kremlin official says.

            “We see today,” he says, what we earlier predicted, that we are winning the international situation and that the world is really tired of Ukraine.”  Last year, Surkov also called for the use of force to “improve” relations between Russia and Ukraine. This year, he appears to have taken another step toward that end.

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