Wednesday, September 1, 2021

At Ingush Seven Trial, Former Official Says Powers Provoked Protesters in March 2019

Paul Goble

            Staunton, September 1 – At yesterday’s session of the Ingush Seven trial, Musa Gorchkhanov, former chief of staff of the Ingushetia government, said that the authorities by their actions sought to provoke protesters against the border agreement with Chechnya but that all the protest leaders had sought to keep things under control.

            That supports the arguments of defense lawyers that any clashes that did take place were the work of the siloviki and the powers behind them rather than of any actions by their clients (

            Yesterday’s session lasted eight and a half hours, two of which were when there was no electricity in the building. Today, another session of the case is scheduled. This increase in the length and frequency of the hearings suggests that the authorities are pressing for the case to be concluded sooner rather than later.

            Meanwhile, Askhab Goygov, who oversaw the preparation of the 94-page report on the border agreement for the Council of Teips, said that the powers that be in Magas and Moscow have ignored the report even though it was sent to them more than a month ago (

            He says that he is convinced that the order to pass over the report in silence came from Moscow and that Ingush officials are too afraid of responding even to acknowledge as they are required to do that they have received the document.  Goygov says that his commission will continue to function and will draw on more people from Ingushetia and Chechnya as well.

            For background on this report and its significance in Ingushetia, see,  and

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