Sunday, October 3, 2021

Russia Now Owes China 125 Billion US Dollars, Putting It On Course to Become a Chinese Colony, Yevtushenko Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Sept. 29 – China has pursued one and the same policy around the world to promote the expansion of its interests and the transformation of various countries into colonies or neo-colonies of Beijing: providing funds to the ones it has targeted for influence to transform them into debtors to China.

            According to AidData, Russia is now at the top of the list of such Chinese investments in the future with Russian debt to China now amounting to 125 billion US dollars ( reposted at

            That amount constitutes almost a third of the 385 billion US dollars other countries owe China at present and is more than the 85 billion US dollars Venezuela owes China, the 41 billion Angola does, and the 39 billion Kazakhstan does. To be sure, relative to the size of GDP, Russia’s debt is smaller; and it is to be paid by oil and gas sales. But it is very large.

            Consequently, commentator Maksim Yevtushenko says, “the Russian Federation is slowly but surely becoming a colony of China,” an overstatement as far as the current situation is concerned but certainly a prediction many Russians will find troubling both as an indication that Moscow’s turn to the east is having very different consequences that the Kremlin has advertised.

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