Sunday, January 16, 2022

Current Elite Must Be Removed and Ethnic Russians Must be Returned to Countryside, Antipov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Nov. 27 – In a little more than a generation, Valery Antipov says, ethnic Russians will form less than half of the population of the country and Russia will be on its way to collapse and ultimate disappearance from the world map, with NATO and China seizing key infrastructure, Valery Antipov says.

            The specialist in mathematical modelling at the Academy of Sciences’ Institute for Administration Problems says that the current elite views Russia only as a cash cow for itself and thus doesn’t care and that its promotion of urbanization is destroying the Russian nation because few in cities have more than two children (

            Indeed, the situation in Russia is rapidly becoming like that of Ukraine, “a clear example of a weak state and a prelude to those horrors which will accompany the disintegration of Russia” if nothing is done, Antipov continues. And what must be done is so radical and so expensive that the current elite won’t act and therefore must be removed from the scene.

            What Antipov recommends is the formation of new conditions in rural Russia and the return of ethnic Russians to what he calls “the new Russian community” based on but not the same as existing villages and rural settlements. They will be far more modern and financially robust thanks to support from the government.

            People will have to apply to get into these “communities,” and to qualify they will have to show that they are of “Slavic origin” and have documents to prove it, be Christians or atheists, not have been found guilty of any crime or have outstanding debts, be medically certified as health and commit to having a family with “no fewer than five children.”

            Those requirements may seem radical, Antipov says, “but one thing is clear: without them, Russia will disappear from the political map of the World.”

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