Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Kyrgyz, Uzbeks Clash in Streets of Moscow on New Year’s

 Paul Goble

            Staunton, Jan. 1 – 2022 began as 2021 ended with ethnic clashes on the streets of Moscow, this time between Kygyz and Uzbek migrant workers and with the authorities denying ethnicity played a role but promising to deport those who engaged in such violence (

            This particular fight, in the Tekstilshchiki district of the Russian capital, was not especially large or violent. Only three Uzbeks and ten Kyrgyz were involved, and only three of those involved were seriously injured with knife wounds. Russian officials announced that nine or ten of those involved were arrested.

            Interfax blamed the conflict on personal animosities rather than on the nationality of the participants, although it seems unlikely that ethnicity did not play a role given that the Russian news agency specified that the conflict was between the two groups rather than involving some of both on each side.

            Now, in another continuity from the old year into the new, Moscow officials say those guilty of violating Russian laws will lose their permission to remain in Russia and will be deported to their homelands. That will make some Russians happy, but it is unlikely to do much to reduce the amount of interethnic conflict in the capital.

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