Saturday, February 26, 2022

With Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine, Russia No Longer Exists, Editors of ‘Grani’ Say

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Feb. 24 – As of today, “there is no longer any Russia,” the editors of the opposition Grani portal say. Instead, “there is a mafia-terrorist group, on the one hand, and 145 million people, on the other, part of whom are hostages who wish the defeat of their own government; the rest are accomplices.”

            “The entire complex of diplomatic and economic relations with so-called Russia are breaking down.” At the same time, “the West in its present shape is also ceasing to exist. To survive, it will have to undergo reassembly on an emergency basis after 20 years of criminal connivance with Russia” (

            “Let us be honest as well and admit that the UN Security Council no longer exists either. There the so-called Russia now presides,” Grani says. Only the Ukrainian permanent representative had the insight and guts to say this without any equivocation.” And that is to Ukraine’s credit.

            The world can already see that whatever happens in the coming days, Ukraine will survive even thought Russia has not. Now, Ukraine “is fighting alone for the whole world” just as some countries had to in the 1930s. “All glory to Ukraine! All glory to its heroes.”

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