Saturday, April 9, 2022

Russian Extreme Right Divided on Putin’s War in Ukraine

Paul Goble

            Staunton, April 1 – In its report on the Russian extreme right in the month since Putin’s war in Ukraine began, the SOVA Analytic Center says that there were no major actions by groups in this part of the political spectrum but that groups and individuals of the extreme right offered a wide variety of views on the conflict in Ukraine.

            Complete support for Putin’s war was offered by the LDPR, Rodina, the Male State, Russian national Unity, the Russian-Slavic Union and Rebirth Party, the Russian All-Peoples Union, Right Russia, Tsargrad, and the Popular Assembly and by individuals on the right including Igor Strelkov, Vladimir Kvachkov, Aleksandr Dugin, Nikolay Bondarik and Yegor Kholmogorov (

              More qualified support was offered by the Russian Imperial Movement which declared that the war should be conducted not “for ethnic Russians” but rather “for the restoration of the empire.” The Conservative Movement said that the war should have been launched in 2014 and that now it was too late.

            The Society of the Future, another Russian nationalist group, said the special operation was “a strategic mistake” and called for a return to diplomatic means to overcome differences between Moscow and Kyiv. And other nationalist groups, including Great Russia, the Russian All-National Union, the Right Block and Pamyat, denounced the Russian action completely.

            Many of these groups are very small, and so it may not matter all that much what they say. But the divisions among them highlight the divisions among the category of individuals and groups generally classified as Russian nationalists. They show that one can be a Russian nationalist and be against the war in Ukraine, however much many do not believe that possible.

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