Thursday, June 16, 2022

Western Resolve Appears Weakening but Ukrainians Continue to Stand Firm, ‘Grani’ Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 29 – In a commentary entitled “Peaceniks and Heroes,” the editors of the independent Russian portal Grani say that as Putin’s war in Ukraine has ground on, the resolve of many in the West to stand up to Russian aggression has weakened but the Ukrainian government and people remain firmly committed to defending their country.

            “Despite all the bold declarations,” the editors say, “the unity on sanctions which had existed is beginning to collapse. The EU already for an entire month has been unable to agree on an oil embargo or on how Ukraine can join the bloc. And European leaders can’t stop calling Putin to talk peace (

            Ever more people on both sides of the Atlantic are talking about how to transform the war into “a frozen conflict” and thus end the fighting while saving Putin’s face. Some of these proposals are simply absurd; others like demanding Ukraine concede land for peace are criminal under the circumstances, Grani says.

            What the editors call “the international anti-Ukrainian lobby” is now pressing for an outcome that will allow Putin to pocket his gains, force Ukraine into a humiliating situation, end sanctions, and allow the kremlin leader to expand his control and set the stage for a new round of attacks on Ukraine and others in the future.

            “The main goal of ‘the peaceniks’ is not to allow a Ukrainian victory.” Better in their mind would be a Ukrainian surrender which in fact is a surrender of Europe as well.

            What makes all this particularly appalling is not only that Ukrainians show every indication that they are prepared to continue to fight on and want only the tools to do so but that ever more reports are coming in which document Russian war crimes. (For an especially sobering one, see

            Every day the West delays supplying arms to Ukraine and talks about compromise and a frozen conflict, the editors say, Ukraine suffers because “every hour of Russian occupation is an extension of the hell” Putin has created.

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