Thursday, February 9, 2023

Putin’s is ‘the Imperialism of Idiots,’ Dilmukhametov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Feb. 9 – Ayrat Dilmukhametov, a Bashkir activist who has been in a strict regime colony since 2020 after being convicted of extremism for calling for genuine federalism in Russia, has written an analysis of the shortcomings of Putin’s imperialism that has been smuggled out by his lawyers.

            The Tallinn-based Russian regionalist portal Region.Expert has now published an excerpt of the Bashkir activist’s new work under the title “The Imperialism of Idiots” ( Below is an informal translation of Dilmukhametov’s argument.

            “Russian imperialism is a unique phenomenon of a sophisticated sadomasochistic type, different fundamentally from Roman, British or even Horde imperialisms. Recognizing that is critical for understanding its special features.

            “Its imperialism is always one of dual purpose, internal and external. Within Russia, with regard to its own ‘state-forming Russian people and other peoples that this empire considers its ‘own,’ Moscow behaves like a classic horde with demands for tribute, despotism, and punitive expeditions.”

            “Outside of Russia, it attempts to present the world with a fake ‘human face,’ involving the supply of money, weapons, and food in exchange for the false declarations of its ‘’allies’ about the indestructible ‘eternal friendship’ and ‘the leading role of the USSR/Russia.

            “If you calculate how much the Kremlin has stupidly given away or written off to regimes in the Third world, the numbers are unimaginable in size. Had Russia not engaged in this kind of imperialism but instead spend the money on itself, it would today be the richest country in the world.

            “But such ‘generosity’ abroad is paid from by total exploitation of the people inside Russia. Its population might accept such generosity abroad if it brought some profit to the Russians. But instead, ‘their own state’ mercilessly robs and terrorizes the Russian peasant, pitting him against his neighbors in aide of this ridiculous global messianism.

            ‘Only those at the center in Moscow lives and benefits from these two kinds of imperialism, taking in 90 percent of the wealth of the country as a whole, buying up everything at cheap prices, and keeping the regions and republics from even having shopping centers that are owned by someone other than people from the center.

            “Sometimes internal imperialism is profitable for a few, but external imperialism is always unprofitable. The more Moscow engages in it, the more rapidly and completely its empire will dissolve into nothingness. People from outside the capital will demand that the Muscovites leave and Russian political and cultural influence will be thrown into the dustbin of history.

“For the time being, trillions in money generated by the superprofits from the sale of oil and gas abroad, money that hsould have been directed to civilian industry and social needs, will but up in the fire of a senseless war abroad.

“Clearly, this is the imperialism of idiots.”

(For more on Dilmukhametov’s ideas, see, and

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