Monday, February 27, 2023

War in Ukraine Already has 18 Important Lessons for Military and Defense Policies of All Countries, ‘The Insider’ Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Feb. 25 – Russia’s expanded invasion of Ukraine launched a year ago is already leading experts around the world to call attention to the lessons the conflict has for other governments around the world. Vyacheslav Yepuryanu of The Insider has assembled and discusses 18 of them.

            They are as follows (

1.     Despite the expectations of many, tanks remain an important factor on today’s battlefield.

2.     Artillery is dominant and as before can be considered “the god of war.”

3.     Drones are more important than fighter planes.

4.     Drones are only the tip of the iceberg of new technologies that are transforming the battlefield.

5.     The ability of the sides to respond quickly to changes on the battlefield is the key to victory.

6.     Logistics are an ever more important element in modern war.

7.     Unlike in some earlier wars, quantity now does not automatically translate into a qualitative advantage.

8.     The modern battlefield is going to include a variety of units from different sources and not just the armies of the primary combatant countries.

9.     The ability to monitor the situation is now more important than any particular weapon.

10.  Nuclear weapons do not give the side that has them the advantages its leaders had expected.

11.  Cyber attacks, a key element before military action begins, may be less frequent after it starts.

12.  Micro electronics is key to the successful use of almost all weapons.

13.  Modern war now involves all aspects of life and not just the military.

14.  Defense currently enjoys an advantage over offense.

15.  Outside aid to Ukraine has allowed it to move from a war of position to a war of maneuver.

16.  Neither side can achieve victory by rockets alone.

17.  Weather remains a key factor that no technological advance has been able to overcome.

18.  Modern war will take place in and be about cities rather than the maneuvering of arms in rural areas.

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