Monday, March 11, 2019

Russians Protest Against Restrictions on Internet – Their Slogans Say It All

Paul Goble

            Staunton, March 10 – Fifteen thousand Russians in Moscow and hundreds more in cities and towns across the Russian Federation went into the streets to protest against the Putin regime’s plans to restrict Internet freedom.  The placards they carried and the comments they made say everything about what they feel – and they should make the Kremlin nervous.

            Below is a selection of those reported by various Russian sites, which fortunately are still free to do so:

·         “This is the weakest, more shameful and more petty power which ever existed in Russia.”

·         “The Internet is the Last Line of Defense.”

·         “If they take away the Internet, what will be left?”

·         “Hands off the Internet!”

·         “You can’t block everyone!”

·         “This is Our Country: Russia will be Free!”

·         “Spring is inevitable!”

·         “Are we going to catch up and surpass Belarus?”

·         “Back to the USSR”

·         “1937 is Returning”   

·         “Repressions Reflect Powers’ Fear of the People”

·         “Comrade! Demand Internet Freedom!”

·         “If They Hate a Free Internet, It Means We’ve Already Won!”

·         “We need a new tsar”

·         “I don’t respect [the government]”

·         “The telephone is the weapon of the proletariat”

·         “The Runet will not become a second television”

·         “Today, the Runet with a Chinese firewall; tomorrow, Russia as a Chinese colony”

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