Saturday, July 21, 2018

Putin Regime Opposes and Violates All Seven Basic Principles of Western Civilization, Illarionov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, July 21 – Western civilization rests on what Andrey Illarionov calls “the magnificent seven” principles that its peoples have struggled for and institutionalized in modern times. Unfortunately, the Russian economist points out, the Putin regime not only stands in opposition to these principles but violates each and every one of them.

            He describes this unfortunate situation in present-day Russia in the following way (
·         “Instead of the defense of human life, respect for human dignity and defense of individual freedoms,” the Putin regime is characterized by “harsh force, unceasing wars, selective murders of political opponents, and the mass murder of innocent civilians by the tens if not the hundreds of thousands both on the territory of Russia and beyond its borders.”

·         “Instead of legal equality,” the Putin regime has “created and strengthened hierarchical structures with a new nobility that aspires to be inherited along with the total irresponsibility of the bureaucratic powers that be before the citizens.”

·         “Instead of the supremacy of law,” the Putin regime has institutionalized “the supremacy of a government organized mafia.”

·         “Instead of a free democratic republic,” it is “a semi-totalitarian and repressive regime.”

·         “Instead of limited and divided state power,” the Putin system is based on “the concentration and monopolization of this in one set of hands, the KSSS (the Corporation of Employees of the Special Services).”

·         “Instead of joining a military-political union of free states or even cooperating with them,” the Putin system stands in “harsh opposition” to such an organization and seeks to organize other countries sharing its view to oppose those based on Western values.

·         And “instead of the defense of human rights,” the Putin system is characterized by “their mass violation in the form of harsh persecution of organizations and individuals who defends human rights in Russia and abroad.”

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