Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Nord Stream 2 Harming Environment inside Russia, Greenpeace Russia Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, August 17 – Environmental activists have warned that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline threatens the Baltic Sea; now, Greenpeace Russia has documented that the company building it has violated Russian environmental laws by damaging nature preserves inside the country as well.

            The organization says that the government needs to enforce its own laws rather than allow the project to go forward in the way that it is, especially given that Nord Stream is unnecessary except as a means of punishing Ukraine by depriving it of transit fees and rewarding Putin’s friends with government contracts.

            The destruction of flora and fauna within Russia is massive and continuing, Greenpeace Russia says; and in many cases, it is becoming irreversible with the permanent loss of unique habitats (chaskor.ru/article/hroniki_unichtozhennoj_prirody%C2%A0-_stroitelstvo_gazoprovoda_severnyj_potok_2_45155).

            Given the much-ballyhooed expressions of concern for the environment by many of Germany’s political parties, this is yet another reason they should be opposing it rather than engaging in the latest act of double standards, accepting the benefits of a project for themselves even at the cost of ecological disaster for others. 

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